Amount of computer use for students in OSHC.


At the beginning of this year I began working at an OSHC (Out of school hours care) program. There are three computers, a TV, a Wii and a Playstation for the students to use. The students are allowed to use the computers for 15 minutes at a time and play the Wii or Playstation for 30 minutes once a fortnight.

 The students at my after care are always active and enthusiastic and I think that having a limit on technology allows this. Without these limitations I believe these students would be a very different group and not always outside and playing.  I think that is a very good initiative to limit the use of technology in OSHC. Does anyone else work at an OSHC program, if so are there limitations to technology or do you think that there should/shouldn’t be? Would love to hear your thoughts!


Digital Portfolio

Hi there everyone, 

So I haven’t done a blog in quite some time and thought I should take the opportunity to write some blogs during Uni holidays. As part of our final year of University we need to create a final portfolio which showcases who we are, what we have achieved over our four years of study and what we hope to achieve in the future. This portfolio is aimed at helping us display our talents and achievements to potential future employers. 

One of the criteria for the portfolio is it must be in a digital format. My question to you is whether you think we should have to make our portfolio digital? This is due to many people disagreeing with the concept of a digital portfolio. 

I believe a digital portfolio is an excellent idea, it allows to us to showcase our talents in ICT and show the selection panel what we can create. 

What are your thoughts? 

Until next time, 


Creating links on edublogs.

Many of you have already figured out how to link text to URL’s. For those, who like me didn’t know how to link text I have found a way! Simply write the word you want linked for example Edublogs. Highlight the word. Click on the chains linking, type in the html, write a title, save. Then you have your linked texts!

It is so simple, I don’t know why I didn’t try earlier 🙂




So as it comes to the end of the blogging assignment I thought I would use Wordle. Wordle is an excellent program, that you simply insert text into and it will present the words in varying sizes depending on how many times each word was used. The more often a word is used, the larger the word appears. The first one I did was in relation to some of the ideas and concepts that we have used within this unit.


The second wordle I did, instead of pasting a list of words, I entered in the URL of my blog. Below is a wordle of the most commonly used words I have written in my blog.


Wordle could be used in the classroom, extremely easily. It could be used for brainstorming, expressing ideas, opinions, summarising, the list goes on. As wordle is so easy to use I look forward to using it in the classroom!

Digital media.

Here is a video which asks Are kids different because of digital media.

This video was created in 2006, and I think that now students rely on digital media even more so than they did in 2006.



I have been reading everybody’s posts on applications in relation to photo editing on smart phones, and I am slightly jealous. So I have borrowed my Boyfriends phone and am having a play with the applications.

I downloaded an app called Befunky, it is free but also has an edition that costs $.99 cents. It is so simple to use and changes the backgrounds, lighting, gives borders and special effects. It is quite fun to use and extremely  easy.

The original image was:


I then changed the effects to Sketch, and the result is below.

The other program I used I found on Mr Stevens blog ( It is called colour effects. It allows you to change the colours of certain areas of your photo. Check out Jacks blog to see some examples. Below is one I did. I love this editing program, it is one of my favourites. I think I may just need to buy a smart phone to use it!

Here is my creation:

There are so many applications to do with photo editing. I look forward to using these and many more in the classroom.



Photo slideshows.

I used Animoto to produce a photo slideshow. Animoto is an online program which creates slideshows of pictures. As I did not want to pay for an account, I chose the free option. One major limitation of this option is that the slideshow is only allowed to be 30 seconds long. This limits you to only 12 photos. For a school excursion, school function or project this may not be long enough. Another negative aspect I found was music. You can upload from your computer but the song has to be 10 mb or under which limited my selection. After working out that I did not know how to reduce the size of a song, I gave up. I ended up selecting a song from their selection. One I am not to happy with. Apart from those two negatives, Animoto is easy to use and works well. To begin with you simply go to The website should look like this:

Simply select Sign up and follow the simple steps, and you are on your way to creating a slideshow, Enjoy!

However I prefer using the old school, iPhoto for Mac and Photostory for PC, which I used and enjoyed using in High School. I look forward to continuing to find other online alternatives!


Here is my video that I made with photos from my trip to SeaWorld.


Create your own video slideshow at


I love this website. It is called Picnik. It is an online photo editing program, that is unbelievably easy to use. The website is simply:, and it looks like this:

The photos are so easy to manipulate you simply press upload photo and away you go. All of the tools are on the top , once you select what you need to work on, you can edit from both the top and left hand side bars.

Here are some of the photos I produced:

This photo was done, by selecting create, effects and then goofy.

This picture was created by selecting create and then clicking infrared picture.

This was done by pressing create and then Heat Map.

This last photo I edited in the in edit section by changing the exposure and contrast levels.


Picnik is a good program to use it is so easy to work with and you can create some really cool pictures.




I was having difficulty editing my photos and I was getting rather frustrated. This was until I read a post from Kristy ( who wrote a blog post on an amazing webstie PhotoFunia It is so easy to use. You simply select your background, upload your photo, crop it and save it to the format you wish. So simple and so effective. It could be used in the classroom in a variety of ways, editing their pictures from an excursion, making posters and expressing their ideas. It could also be used for the basis of a creative story or something similar. Here are some of the images I created.